'Stephanie is praised for her straightforward communication'
- WTR 2021


Stephanie joined Fencer in 2020 as a partner to enforce its IP Portfolio Management department. She has notable knowledge in managing large international trademark portfolios and provides clients with legal and strategic advice on the maintenance, protection and optimization of their IP portfolios. She conducts legal proceedings relating to designs, trademarks as well as domain names before the BOIP, EUIPO and WIPO. Stephanie has experience as an IP lawyer, as a trademark attorney and as an in-house IP portfolio manager.
This unique combination allows her to take a comprehensive and client-oriented approach in the matters before her. Stephanie regularly gives inhouse trainings on IP related matters. She is also skilled in the drafting of contracts, general conditions, privacy statements and terms of use. Furthermore, Stephanie developed a specific interest in privacy and data protection matters.

'Stephanie has a knack for thoroughly explaining things in a concise manner and presenting all options to clients, while steering them in the direction she believes is the most strategic route for the company' - WTR 2021