'Daphne operates with her head on a swivel and can see any challenge to her clients’ market position coming a mile off so she can nip it in the bud'
- WTR 2019

Daphne Vervaet


Daphne joined Fencer in 2020 as a partner to co-head the IP Portfolio Management & Prosecution department. She started her career at the Brussels bar where she gained experience as a litigator, representing companies from a wide variety of sectors. She furthermore advised and assisted clients with the drafting and negotiation of contracts including distribution and license agreements as well as large outsourcing contracts. A brief encounter as in-house legal counsel with a large FMCG company enabled her to perfect her commercial law expertise.
In 2013, Daphne returned to the world of intellectual property and joined the Brussels office of an pan-European IP firm. As a trademark attorney, she was responsible for advising, managing, protecting and optimizing the trademark (and other IP rights) portfolios of both large multinationals as well as of small and local enterprises. Daphne’s clients profit from the combination of her sound legal background with her business-oriented approach. Daphne still makes a regular appearance in court where she pleads contentious matters in Dutch and French.

Daphne provides 'insightful and fresh ideas. She is an open-minded individual who blends a keen eye for detail and legal complexities with a business-oriented approach'
- WTR 2021