'The law is black and white and we like to help clients apply it to a grey world.'


Caro started her professional career in 2015 in a renowned Brussels law firm. Since then, she has represented and advised a wide range of clients in the field of intellectual property rights (European and Benelux trademark law, copyright, right to image, neighbouring rights) anti-counterfeiting, media and entertainment law, market practices and unfair competition. Having grown up in a multi-generational family firm, she understands better than anyone the need to provide advice and guidance at the client level. In addition, she has done several on-site consulting projects with clients, which puts her in a very good position to identify clients’ internal needs and concerns, to the benefit of the legal quality of her work.

Caro has been involved in numerous legal proceedings before the Belgian courts, the Benelux Court of Justice, the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the Court of Justice of the European Union, as well as in administrative proceedings before the Benelux Office.
In addition, Caro has a particular interest in food, including its legal aspects.

'Communication is an important part of our work. Not only towards the authorities and counterparties, but also - and even more importantly - towards our clients.'