A strong market position goes hand in hand with a carefully built up intellectual property rights portfolio, in line with your business strategy. In addition to IP strategies and advice on all aspects of the protection, exploitation and enforcement of your intellectual property rights, we also develop a bespoke filing and maintenance strategy. Strategies are tailored to your specific needs, by analyzing your short, mid and long term objectives.

We manage your portfolio in the most cost-efficient way, focusing on those aspects that create actual value for your company. Fencer has a unique fee structure with fixed costs, ensuring full transparency and allowing you to precisely predict the trademark cost for your portfolio.

Our translation of proper intellectual property management is to create the right “fences” around your business and assets, allowing you to prevent competitors from taking unfair advantage of your investments, R&D and well-earned market position. In case of actual IP rights infringement, we sit with you to determine the right course of action and preferred means of dispute resolution. The fact that we manage your IP rights portfolio, provides us with a helicopter view that allows us to align the action with the overall company strategy, rather than treating it at as an isolated conflict.