Last Thursday, 25th March 2021, the Benelux Association for Trademarks and Designs (BMM) held its bi-annual spring meeting.

Whilst the BMM members attended from their (home) office, the lecturers travelled to the Benelux Office for Intellectually Property at the Hague from where the virtual meeting was broadcasted.

Our very own partner Jeroen gave a highly captivating lecture on the notion of “trademark use”, more specifically on the thin line between genuine use and downright abuse. He zoomed in on questionable practices such as broad and repeat trademark filings against the background of increasingly clogged trademark registers. He also discussed the possibilities for enforcing your trademark rights during and after grace period, illustrated by some recent important decisions of the European Court of Justice.

If you wish to obtain more info on this or on FENCER’s other services, please contact Daphne Vervaet or Jeroen Muyldermans.